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Lichtarge Computational Biology Lab

Houston, Texas

Lichtarge Computational Biology Lab
Lichtarge Computational Biology Lab
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What is the Evolutionary Trace Report Maker?

Questions and comments:

If you intend to use the Evolutionary Trace Server and viewer as part of a published work, please cite the following papers:

  • Mihalek I., I. Res and O. Lichtarge. "Evolutionary Trace Report Maker: a new type of service for comparative analysis of proteins." Bioinformatics. 2006 Jul 1;22(13):1656-7. Epub 2006 Apr 27.
  • Mihalek, I., I. Res, O. Lichtarge. (2004). "A Family of Evolution-Entropy Hybrid Methods for Ranking of Protein Residues by Importance" J. Mol. Bio. 336(5): 1265-82.
  • Lichtarge, O., H.R. Bourne and F.E. Cohen (1996). "An evolutionary trace method defines binding surfaces common to protein families." J. Mol. Biol. 257(2): 342-58.

The Evolutionary Trace report_maker is freely available for non-profit use. 
For profit use of the Evolutionary Trace report_maker may be arranged by contacting
Mrs. Lisa Beveridge (, 713-798-6821 ) to request 
a license from Baylor College of Medicine.