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Lichtarge Computational Biology Lab

Houston, Texas

Lichtarge Computational Biology Lab
Lichtarge Computational Biology Lab
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Baylor Code of Baylor College of Medicine provided by Lichtarge Computational Biology Laboratory

Dear Colleague:

Thank you for your interest in the above Baylor Code, including the source code and object code (collectively "Baylor Code"). The Baylor Code, including any related information accompanying the Baylor Code, are being provided to you and are to be used only under the following conditions: Are used for scientific purposes; Are used for non-commercial purposes; Will be handled properly, and will be used according to applicable laws and regulations; Will not make derivative works based on or any modification to Baylor Code; Will not be transferred to any other party; Will not be used for commercial purposes. Commercial use inquiries should be directed to All ownership rights, including copyright of Baylor Code are retained by Baylor College of Medicine. Baylor College of Medicine, and the developers of Baylor Code, will not bear any responsibility for damages or mishaps related to or resulting from the use of Baylor Code.

You shall acknowledge Angela Wilkins, Ph.D., Olivier Lichtarge, M.D., Ph.D., and Baylor College of Medicine as the source of Baylor Code in any publication resulting from the use of Baylor Code.

If there are any questions regarding this document please contact Grant and Contract Associate,, phone (713) 798-1297, fax (713) 798-6990.
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